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Plea for Support - SANParks CyberTracker

Marakele National Park

Marakele is dominated by mountainous areas, which makes monitoring very difficult and sometimes costly. However, with the use of CyberTracker, monitoring of rare species like Black Rhino and Wild dogs becomes possible even on a daily basis. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints MNP is not in the position to finance this program. We are therefore pleading for any support to get this program, which has been so successful in the Kruger National Park, underway in MNP. Read more from Basane Claire Ntshane.

Mountain Zebra National Park

To efficiently monitor, collect and document environmental data in MZNP, the use of the CyberTracker System is of outmost importance. The rangers in MZNP are responsible for the monitoring of all species, especially black rhino and cheetah that were recently introduced to the reserve. For successful implementation of this system MZNP is in desperate need of another four (minimum) windows mobile devices with integrated GPS’. We would greatly appreciate any form of support to help achieve this objective. Read more from Section Ranger, Johan de Klerk.

Karoo National Park

As the park has grown to 90000ha Cybertracker will be used to build up a base-line GIS (Maps with data) on all aspects of the park; water points like boreholes, springs, rivers, dams and windmills (vital for our water management plan), old tracks and roads, fossils, cultural historical sites and artifacts like graves, rock paintings, stone houses, San dwellings and much more! We would like to appeal to all lovers of the Karoo and the Karoo National Park to assist us with funding for this exciting and powerful tool! It is a giant leap for the protection and conservation of YOUR park! Read more from Section Ranger, Gerhard Pretorius.

Addo Elephant National Park

The use of CyberTracker as an ecological data collection tool could prove invaluable to the biodiversity monitoring in AENP. This tool gives Field Rangers the opportunity to become directly involved with the day to day management and research in the Park with the collection of valuable field data on their daily patrols. CyberTracker will enable us to monitor species, habitats and processes that cannot be captured by more traditional monitoring methods. Currently there are only 6 units available to the 69 rangers in 6 different sections of the Park. Donations and support would greatly increase the chances of this project succeeding within Addo Elephant National Park. Read more from Assistant. Section Ranger, Ilse Welgemoed.

Kgalagadi National Park

In order for Kalahari's Field Rangers to assist the Section ranger in effective management of the Nossob Section in terms of accurate data collection, it is imperative that a suitable data collection medium be found. This medium should be able to record data accurately and should be readily available to field staff. The storage medium must also then be able to be interpreted in a useful manner. The ‘CyberTracker’ system has been identified as the most effective data collection tool for this purpose and the Nossob section therefore requires three such units...... Read more from Section Ranger, Charles Trennery.

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Project Manager : Sandra Mac Fadyen , Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing