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A bird's eye view of Table Mountain National Park

Date: 18th May 2012

SANParks recently entered into a partnership with EyeFly , a company that provides aerial footage/views of extraordinary areas. 

EyeFly will provide SANParks with aerial videos of various National Parks which will enable visitors to the SANParks website a bird's eye view of the beautiful landscapes that comprise our parks.

"From the full range of still photography, to panoramic views on accommodation and landscape, to aerial videos of the parks and camps, we would like to inform, inspire and empower our clients to make their choice of destination, build itineraries, and book online in a matter of minutes. Convenience for the client is our ultimate goal online", said Nedret Saidova, E-Business Manager, SANParks.

The first video available is the aerial view of the Table Mountain National Park:

aerial view video of table mountain
Click on the image to view the video on our Table Mountain National Park page.


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