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Dedicated forum members to raise funds for SANParks rangers

A group calling themselves the “Rat Pack”, who are regular forum bloggers, have decided to embark on a fundraising expedition to the Kruger National Park’s S100 this weekend to collect as much money to support the committed rangers of SANParks.

What stars they are, considering that they are just regular people making an awesome contribution. The "Rat Pack" team consists of 6 members:

Real names

Forum names

Roelof van der Breggen


Danie van den Bergh


Jeroen Kelderman


Tobie Muller


Gerhard de Beer


Stephen Andrews


The team will depart from Gauteng in the early hours of Saturday 31 January 2009 and will remain in the park until 3 February 2009. The challenge of the fundraiser is to prove that there is life on the S100 (the gravel road between Satara and the Nwanetsi picnic area).

Donations came in on the Forum in the form of challenges to the team - challenges such as members paying an amount for certain animals (especially the cats) that the team would see during their weekend visit to the park, driving the S100 a number of times.

Along with this, other side challenges were formulated for the team members, such as converting non-birding members into bird watchers, eating mopani worms and finding SANParks branded soap bars. The team members are taking these challenges on in a good-hearted fashion, as it will all contribute to improving the game rangers’ working conditions.

Are you now tempted to make a donation, go on and help the many dedicated rangers of SANParks!

Be sure to read online about the latest happenings during the the "Rat Pack" expedition!

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