Thorp Motor Group Continues Support for Table Mountain National Parks, African Penguin Conservation

The Thorp Motor Group supported by Frontline Underwriters (Pty) Ltd has supplied a Corsa Utility to Table Mountain National Park. In a deal brokered by iKapa Honorary Rangers Thorp Auto will replace the current Corsa Utility which has been used for the past year to help save the lives of hundreds of penguins that have been washed up on our shores. The vehicle is constantly used to help with all facets of conservation along the shores of Table Mountain National Park.

Gavin Bell, Sue Smith, Raj
Rajkumar, Monique Ruthenberg,
Mathabatha Matjila, Leanne Mossop,
Clive Martin, AB Human, Robert
Thorp, and Justin Buchman in front.

“We at Thorp Auto, the General Motors dealership based in the South Peninsular, are proud to be part of conservation in the Table Mountain National Park. It is up to all concerned citizens of Cape Town to lend support to this our very own national park in a city.” Commented Nicky Thorp, Joint Managing Director of Thorp Auto.

Frontline Insurance Underwriters General Manager James Bonner confirmed support for the project. “As a relative newcomer to the Cape we are excited to partner Thorp Auto to continue to support Table Mountain National Park and the Penguin Rescue effort on the Peninsular”

“We thank Thorp Auto, our Conservation Partner, for their ongoing support helping with the conservation of penguins. As we go into winter more and more penguins get washed onto our beaches and need to be rescued and there is growing concerns around the African Penguin populations decline in numbers over the last few years. The Opel Corsa provided will assist SANParks staff in the collection and transport of these birds to rehabilitation centres and release sites as part of a concerted effort to improve the conservation efforts towards this species” Commented Paddy Gordon, Acting Manager, TMNP. “Without the support Conservation Partners such as Thorp Auto and Frontline Insurance Underwriters provide we would find it difficult to provide the necessary assistance to protect these animals.”.

Issued by: John Elford, iKapa Honorary Rangers.


Penguin Statistics

Boulders Penguin Population

  1. 1931 (1.5 – 3 million African penguins).
  2. 1956 (140 000 pairs of African penguins).
  3. 2007 (31 000 pairs of African penguins).
  4. Main Causes of declining populations.
    1. Food / resource depletion (overfishing/ by catch).
    2. Climate change {affecting water temp – spawning; upwelling; oxygen in water etc.}; nesting habitat change (veg. change) – stocks reducing and shifting.
    3. Oil spills (direct impact; reduction in breeding success).
    4. Seals (attacking adults and juveniles) & Gulls (stealing egg.)
    5. Other (mortality due to cats, dogs, road kills, nest disturbance (people & gulls).

Boulders population:

1983 – 1993 increase from 2 penguins to 771 penguins.
1993 – 2005 increase from 771 penguins to 3942 penguins.
2005 – 2007 decreased to 2624 penguins.