Ikapa Honorary Rangers Donate Cyber Trackers To Table Mountain National Park

iKapa Honorary Rangers has donated cyber trackers valued at R17 000 to Table Mountain National Park. At a function to celebrate 10 years of Table Mountain National Park 5 cyber trackers were presented to the park at the same time as Thorp Motor Group renewed its sponsorship of a Corsa Utility for use as a Penguin Rescue Vehicle.

These hand-held PDA’s (Portable Data Application) which are fitted with “cyber tracker” software will be used by field rangers to pinpoint locations of game or other important and interesting data within the park. Fitted with an integrated GPS system this equipment can store information which is vital to the management of such an important conservation and world heritage site as Table Mountain National Park. Besides storing information held within each individual instrument it is possible to share data held by similar PDA’s and to develop an integrated picture of all of the information gathered.

Cyber trackers such as these have been used successfully in other national parks and in particular the Kruger National Park where they are used to track game, migration trends and a host of other information. They have become an integral tool in game as well as rare and endangered animal and plant management.

“We at TMNP are very excited to receive this equipment donated by the iKapa Honorary Rangers and are confident it will help us track and manage our game and endangered species data better within the park.” commented Paddy Gordon, Acting Park Manager, Table Mountain National Park at the handover of the equipment.

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John Elford, iKapa Honorary Rangers, HR 278, johnel@iafrica.com, 083 2539213